Helping you Prepare for Property Loss

Disasters will happen. Whether or not your property and tenants will be affected is not up to you, but whether or not a plan is installed before the inevitable occurs is your responsibility.

Responsive Restoration can assist you by:

  • Providing the "Go-To" Restoration Partner You Need When Disaster Strikes
  • Giving You Priority Response in the Event of an Area Wide Disaster
  • Delivering Fast Response and Fast Completion
  • Lowering Restoration Costs and Unbudgeted Expenses
  • Protecting  You and All Parties Involved from Future Liability
  • Reducing Stress and the Chance of Public Relations Nightmares

Who's There for You?
Who would you call if damage was discovered on one of your properties right now? You're risking secondary damage, unhappy tenants and lost revenue if the problem isn't addressed right away.

Before, During and After
We help professionals like you:

  • Put a plan in place before damage occurs.
  • Mitigate damage quickly and correctly when it does happen.
  • Understand the source of damage and what was done to correct it upon completion.

The Professional You Need
Our Emergency Response Program also protects you and all parties involved from future liability and public relations issues. We work to the proper Standard of Care, comprehensively document the restoration process and work professionally through sensitive situations.

Emergency Response Program
Having a plan in place could mean the difference between control and chaos if damage is discovered on your property. Call 678-500-8165 or email us to schedule an appointment to obtain all the details.